Samuel Gossner

Virtual Instruments ∙ Music Composition

Portrait by F. Kinga

Other illustrations by Dieter Theuns

Sam Gossner is an established composer for games and founder of Versilian Studios LLC, an up-and-coming sample library company. His score for Airscape: The Fall of Gravity (2015) received the praise of critics and gamers alike, with over 80,000 players worldwide and a rating of “Very Positive” on the Steam store. On the sampling front, he led the development of Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2 (Q2 2016), a massive 54,000-sample, two-year undertaking by a team of just five working from around the world. CO2 was a massive success, with unilateral praise towards its unique sounds and excellent value.

In his fleeting moments of free time, he maintains an active interest in music history, early sampling technology, and an eye on the future of sampling technology. His work often marries historical preservation with cutting edge technological innovation, bringing in expert programmers to breathe life into ancient instruments, such as striving to bring back the historic bass ophicleide (pictured, left) from near-extinction with Chamber Orchestra 2. An avid defender of a content-rich, open public domain, he has provided thousands of samples and dozens of freeware projects to tens of thousands of amateur composers and developers around the world, his Creative Commons sampling and foley work being found in virtually every major freeware orchestral library in existence and countless hundreds of games and student projects.

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